LEX WORD was set up because our founder saw the growing need for quality legal translations: translations executed by attorneys that are language experts. “It is not sufficient to know your subject: you must know how to translate”.

Our work standards guarantee excellent quality, STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY in relation to the assigned documentation, and punctual delivery.

We offer a service that goes further than literally translating a given text. We guarantee an exhaustive examination of the assigned documents, the comparison of legal concepts, legal research, and LEGAL CONSULTANCY when necessary.

Our mission is to go beyond the texts, and the words contained within, to achieve true equivalence in terms of the legal system behind the source and target language. Our aim is to assure that there is an exact correlation between documents, and that the contents of the original document are faithfully transferred into the target document.

Furthermore, our work is carried out by native-speaking translators and our work is always double-checked by another translator (proofreading.)

Our objective is to attain effective communication and the understanding of legal concepts pertaining to Mexican law and the legal systems of English-speaking countries, through: LEGAL TRANSLATION AND CONSULTANCY.

We know that all areas of law require specialization. It is for that reason that LEX WORD consults prestigious attorneys specialized in their different fields.

With our network, we offer LEGAL CONSULTANCY services for Mexican law and foreign investment in Mexico.

LEX WORD works hand in hand with a group of bilingual attorneys with experience in Mexican law, specialized in different areas, each in his or her own office. Our goal is to succeed in offering full and comprehensive consultancy and support to our clients so that they can access the best legal consultancy services in Mexico with attorneys who share our philosophy of customer service, ethics and professional responsibility. We work efficiently with a global structure, without the client having to pay the high administration costs.